Friday, January 19, 2007

"If they asked me, I could write a book" ~Rodgers & Hart

Barnes and Noble bookstore is one of my favorite places. I consider it one of the many perks of living in New York City that I'm rarely more than 10 blocks from one. I love to browse and if I have some extra time in my day I love to grab a small stack of books and magazines and take them to the Cafe to enjoy.

When was diagnosed with diabetes this past summer, I was living in Michigan. The closest B&N was a 20 min. drive away, and we rarely got much time away from the theatre, but it was still one of the first places I visited after my diagnosis on a quest to find information. Any information. I clearly remember walking up and down the rows marked "Health" and "Medicine." Nothing. "This is strange I thought.... where else would they be?"

Oh. In the section marked: "Disease."

Isn't it funny that it had never even occured to me that books on diabetes would be in that section? My attitude after I was diagnosed was "Ok, what can I do to get healthy and feel better?" I wanted to take an active approach. I wanted a book of checklists of things that people with Type 1 need to do. I wanted stories of other people with Type 1 who were living their lives as they always had with the exception of a few adjustments. So the "Health" section made perfect sense to me.

I found myself in one of my favorite NYC Barnes & Nobles (the Lincoln Center store!) last night when I had some time to kill before meeting up with one of my very best friends who is in town for the weekend! I decided to take a look at the books on diabetes and without thinking headed to the aisle marked "Health." It took me a moment before I realized my error.

"Disease." Right.


Shannon said...

You know, it's difficult to think of Diabetes as being a "disease". I think of a disease as something that infects the body and renders it ill. But with the discovery of insulin, it changes the dynamics of diabetes where you can be healthy. Diabetes is a category all on its own in the realm of "diseases".

It's great to read about you educating yourself so that you can provide yourself with good health. Knowledge is very empowering.

I love B&N too by the way. My friend and I actually have a mom's night out where we talk over Starbucks and then go off to search the book aisles for a good book.

Enough babbling from me :)

Nic said...

Hi, Cecily. I just found your blog--I'm glad you found us! I have learned more about diabetes management from the blogosphere than from any other source! Barnes and Noble is good...but when you're in MI a computer is easier to find!

mel said...

Welcome to blogging! It's a great community and we always welcome more voices.

As far as insurance goes, if you have the free time, you might consider Starbucks. There must be a million in the city and you only need 20 hrs/week to qualify for medical.

Jonah said...

Disease is a nasty word.

Chris said...

I was just diagnosed four days ago with Type I. Even though I have a great family I've had moments of feeling lonely and afraid the past few days. In addition to this blog can you point me to other blogs on the subject?

I'm sure like most people in these circumstances, I want all the information I can get. And I want to hear about other people's experiences and ideas.


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