Thursday, February 8, 2007


I went to see the Broadway musical, The Drowsy Chaperone on Tuesday night. It's ridiculously funny!! So, if you live anywhere near NYC you should definitely go! The show is set in a Broadway loving man's apartment. He decides to play the audience an old record (yes, record) of the 1920's hit musical "The Drowsy Chaperone." (Note: The show didn't really ever exist. It was created for the show) It comes to life in his apartment and hilarious moments occur.

***This entry doesn't sound very "diabetes related" does it? Oh, but it is!***

There is no real intermission in the show, but when it gets to intermission time on the record, the man takes a little break and talks to the audience like it was intermission.
He starts eating something and says, "Oh this? It's a Powerbar..... I'm having a bit of a blood sugar issue, you'll have to forgive me." !!!!!!

And (I'm not kidding) as I was watching him eat I started feeling the signs of a hypo! I couldn't stop staring at the damn Powerbar and wanted to leap onto the stage and snatch it right out of his hands!
I thought that it was probably all in my head, because what are the chances of feeling that way right at that exact moment!?!?!?! Testing didn't seem like a very good option in the dark, crowded theatre, so I just ate the entire stash of glucose tabs that I had with me and felt much better.

I tested after the performance and was 84.... So I must've been low earlier since all of that sugar only took me up into the 80s!